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First Step is to pour the Organic Mixture we call Lichtstein(C) which is similar to Amber, into the Moulds to archive the the basic shape of the Jewelry. Depending the design, like a Real Butterfly, Sand from South Beach, Real Shells from the Local Beach, will the Mould be laid out in advance. Also in some designs we add special components to our organic mixture.
Another step is to remove the cured pieces from the Moulds where excess material is removed in preparation for the next step. Sometimes we make pieces that have several separate layers, which have to be poured after each is cured to a tacky surface. Also are there specific other Methods we use that are not illustrated in between the next step.
An Important step is to shape the Jewelry piece using a Dremel, and different other tools to reach the design goal. Also are in certain designs already holes are being drilled for the Gemstones setting, before the actual planning
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