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Our Associated Businesses That I Recommend To See.

US Technology & Science Corp.

Manufacturer of revolutionary products like the Motor Home EL Djaro (c), construction material Plasmacor (c) and Intregated Trailer Boat (ITS (c)) system.

Plasmacor Corp.

Developer of a building material that is 95%based on a renewable resource, and environmental friendly.

Thera - Alexis Daoud's Personal Website

Massage therapist, with a extensive experience, and very professional. Outstanding  references, and recommendations.

Treat yourself with a relaxing massage for mind, body and spirit. Rejuvenate yourself, and live a healthier lifestyle.  

Russian & Turkish Baths

In New York Since 1892 Now The Latest Craze On Miami Beach. A Labyrith Of Exotic Steam Rooms, Therapeutic Saunas And Massages.

Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue Center, Inc.

Is a non-profit organization under 501C3 status. Located in Miami, we are dedicated to rescuing abused, neglected, and abandoned dogs from the streets, giving them care and love, then placing them in with loving families.

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