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LexNex Designs, an introduction....

Founded in Miami Beach, Florida in the fall of 2004, we had the idea of making creative fashion jewelry that would be unique and one of a kind, all handcrafted by us, made with high quality materials, and produced locally in Miami Beach.

Our products are currently focused on very creative jewelry that are unique and one of a kind, carefully handcrafted and of excellent quality, each pieces is hand signed and inspected.

We carry primary female jewelry in different shapes and sizes, makes a great gift on Valentines, Birthdays, Mothers Day, Occasionally or Just for that great event to attract attention.

Our goal is to create Fashion Design of the Future, available Today!!....

We have also male Jewelry, and a really wide selection of different Pendants, Bracelets, Rings and Necklaces. To buy our jewelry visit our personal E-Jewelry Store  where we sell some of our Handcrafted Jewelry, or see our Ebay Store  LexNex South Beach Fashion & Jewelry to see our other selections of Jewelry and much more... also are we featured in several stores, see our Featured Stores Section for more info where you can purchase our Jewelry.

Read our NewsLog for updates about our current fashion jewelry and other information.

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We Have Now Also An bay Store, with lots of other interesting items!

Take a look!!  - LexNex South Beach Fashion & Jewelry -

We Have Now Locations where we sell, in Miami! Where You Can Go And Buy Our Jewelry Local!

See Featured Stores For More Info. We are Located on Ocean Drive, or sometimes Lincoln Road, from Thursday to Saturday 5:00pm-12:00am

Our E-Jewelry Store is Available Now! - Take a Look!!

'Our store inventory is being updated currently.'

See our website often, it has always some updates.

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